Shop MonsterBrite LEDs Chameleon LEDS


Note: Strips can be cut every three bulbs and each end will work, because strip is double leaded on each end. You can also cut the wire off one end use the whole strip.

  • – changes between eleven different colors
  • – can pause, strobe or scroll between colors
  • – scrolls at three different speeds

Shop MonsterBrite LEDs Glo Proz LED Lightning

Single Color

Note: Strips can be cut every three bulbs, and each end will work because strip is double leaded on each end. You can also cut the wire off one end and use the whole strip.

The Glo Proz strip – 12″ / 19.5″

  • – offers eleven different colors
  • – turns lights off/on with the toggle / kill switch or control kit with remote
  • – will strobe/fade in three different speeds.

Shop MonsterBrite LEDs DIY Kits


Note: We offer 4 different DIY Kits in GLO-PROZ (single color), and CHAMELEON (color changer)

Primary Use

Bronze Kit – engine lighting, (2 – 19.5” strips under tank, 1 – 12” horn, 1 – 12” breather, 1 – 12” backbone) (some strips need to be cut to desired length)

Silver Kit – engine & rear / engine & ground under engine / engine & front combinations.

Gold Kit – engine, rear, front wheel / engine, rear, ground under engine / engine, ground, front combinations

Platinum Kit – engine, rear, front wheel, ground under engine / engine, rear, 4 12” strips front wheel

Suggested Strip Locations

19.5” Strip  – under tank both sides, under saddle bags both sides, Harley Davidson floor boards, with some bikes ground effects under engine.

12” strip – horn, breather, backbone under seat, with some bikes; ground effects under engine, front wheel (use 2 or 4 strips), under tour pack, and rear lighting on some.