Frequent Ask Questions

Should I do anything before getting my bike serviced or repairs done?

Yes, always tell the technician you have LED lighting on your bike. Inform them that all lights are quick disconnect and tell them – “DO NOT CUT ANY WIRES.”  Also request that they reconnect all lights and power.

Can you cut the strips to length?

Yes can be cut at end of strip or every 3 LEDs.

How do they attach?

They have industrial 3M tape already mounted on the strip.

How do you prep area?

Use denatured alcohol to clean area, and then stick strip.

How do they deal with heat?

Do not put directly on heat source but can be an inch from the source and do just fine. Under the tank right over the heads is just fine.

Are the strips weather proof?

Yes the can with stand the weather and do just fine.

Is the controller waterproof?

They are water resistant, but there is a computer inside so you want to mount it out of direct weather. (Under seat or behind a side panel).  Don’t put water directly on controller just like you don’t put water on your fuses or bikes computer system.

Can I mix and match colors?

Yes with the glo proz (single colors) you can mix and match, but the chameleon will only work with the chameleon.

How long does it take to install an engine kit (bronze kit)?

The average person is about 1 hour,  but it can vary depending on person and experience.